Why People lose money in Stock Market?

Why People lose money in Share market ?




we are not just going to understand

why People lose money in share market

but we are also going to learn about the solutions in


Buy only branded stocks you know

as to how we can overcome these problems


and make money in stock market

so let’s understand this in a fun-filled



By the way the company you just invested

into right now what does the company do

what happens when you

continuously look at your investments

after every 10 second


these different three of investors and their problems

Let’s focus on certain solutions let’s

Even understand so always

remember invest in only those companies

which you understand how do you

understand these businesses

simple just visualize you wake up in the

morning you go for a shower

And which kind of products do you use of

course pears

that can be an example for a soap then

you get ready for office

you wear formals trend limited is

another company which makes

clothes formals typically you go out for


bajaj pulsar bajaj is a listed company

you go in the office let’s say there’s a

birthday celebration

you order domino’s pizza jubilant food

works that’s a listed company

in the evening for a change let’s say

you want to help your wife in shopping

and you go for to d mart dmart again

avenue supermarket that’s a listed


these are just few

i can add on

so many examples

like hdfc bank asian paints the list

goes on and on

i’m sure you understand these businesses

in a much better way

which you come across in your daily life

so one more small example

let’s say you go to dmart again for

shopping and this time you see that

there are much more vehicles in the

parking lot as compared to the last time

when you go inside the mall you see so

many more people as compared to last


isn’t that a very small indication that

maybe the sales is going up

i know this is very base level analysis

but that’s where

small steps of investing and small steps

of analysis

start and just in case if you’re still


just a simple thumb rule is that you can

Invest in brands

you can invest in market leaders in that

specific segment

who have already proven themselves for

this a very small study a very small

fundamental analysis would be required

well if you want you can definitely do

your fundamental analysis

even after doing this you are still

scared don’t worry you can just visit

small case website once you go here you

just have to click

on discover and then what you can do is

scroll down

go to ideal for new investors this small

case is designed for all the new


which small case was i talking about i

was talking about the brand value small


so if you go here you can just click

again on stocks and wait

where you will understand that all these

are the branded stocks in which the

small case invests

asian payments avenue super mart trend

bajaj all these stocks are the big

players in the respective segment what

you have to do is just click

invest now you can either choose monthly

sip one time if you ask me

answer is obviously monthly sip click on

monthly sap you can confirm the amount

you’ll have to add funds and just say


monthly sip this is where you can start



in a very disciplined manner

always remember market pays premium to

those who have patience for long term

investing then

this is not my quote but this is very

very relevant

this is our solution for the second type

of investors who don’t have

patience while they invest i’ll give you

a simple

term which is known as market premium on


or also known as the patient’s premium

what is this let’s understand this with

the help of

this example this is reliance industries

graph if you see here

had someone invested in reliance

industries in january 2011

it was trading at a specific level

somewhere between 400 to 600 rupees

now you can imagine that this guy or

girl who invested in reliance industries

during january 11

and waited and waited somewhere around

january 16 just

lost his or her patience and finally

thought of selling it off

this could have generated a zero or a

minor negative return

but had he or she waited for a longer

term say 10 years

now you can imagine the stock just went


and this could have resulted in more

than 10

easily so this is how market pays off

if you really keep on investing in a

patient manner

now solution to the bank investor

category people who just invest at one

shot and now i’ll wait for the entire


if the investment goes down after that

category of investor has invested in the


stock market


don’t do this you can imagine what what

a scenario would occur if you invest at

this level when market is

let’s say 13 000 and then market goes to

11 000

and then you know what is what are you

going to say that market is a gamble


right problem was not with investing

problem was the way in which

this person invested a typical


solution for such kind of investment https://www.moneycontrol.com/promo/mc_wap_interstitial_dfp.php?classic=true


should have been rather than

lump sum investment this person should

have gone for an sip

right now i told you that i would

definitely prefer sip

i’m sure everyone knows the full form of

sap and that is systematic investment


but wait my full form of sap is a little

bit different

Why people lose money in stock markets?

i always say sip is save invest and


if you do this in a disciplined manner

Why people lose money in share market ?

From chart


i’m sure

again you will be rewarded in a longer


filled with drama

the whole intention is to make finance







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