Option Trading – Daily Passive Income

Option Trading – Daily Passive Income


Options Trading for Beginners here you learn all you would like to understand about options. As simple as option Trading – Daily Passive Income

 What is Option Trading ?

Wikipedia defines options as a contract where the customer of the choice has
the right, but not the requirement to get or sell an underlying asset
at a hard and fast price on or before the expiry date of that contract.
With this definition, tons of question
comes to mind as in what’s the underlying So an underlying are often a stock and index,
interest rates, currencies or commodities strike prices,
the price at which the customer of the choice wishes to shop for or sell.https://relieftrade.com/135-2/



That particular underlying expiry date is that the date on which the contract expires.
Any dues are settled on this date based
on the worth of the underlying with reference to the strike price
of the choice and option premiums paid at the time of shopping for that option.

So what are the various sorts of options?
You can classify options in two ways.
The first is once they expire,
whether they expire at the top of each week or at the top of each month,
they have options that expire at the top of each week or call as Weekly options
and those that expire at the top of each month are called less monthly options.

Right now on NSE we’ve
the index options that expire weekly and therefore the stock options that expire monthly.
Secondly, you’ll classify the choices
based on whether you’re depending on the upside or the downside of the market.


If you think that the markets are going to go up, you’re likely to shop for call option.

If you think that the market is probably going
to go down, you’re likely to shop for a put option.

So for upside, you purchase call options and for the downside, you purchase put options.
Obviously, it’s not as simple because it
sounds, but we’ll enter more details as we proceed during this series.

So what’s a call option and a put option?


Call option

A call option gives Buyer the proper to shop for a specific stock market index commodity
at a specific price on or before the expiry of that option.
Consequently, a put option gives the choice buyer
a right to sell a specific stock market index or commodity at a specific price.
That is the strike price on or before the expiry of that option.
Let me offer you an example.
Let’s say you would like to trade NIFTY option and NIFTY is trading at 12000.
You believe that NIFTY goes to travel up from here?

So you purchase a call option
of twelve thousand strike price at, let’s say, 100 rupees.
If you’re buying this call,
you have the proper to shop for NIFTY at the
rate of 12000 on or before the expiry.
Thet expiry, as we discussed, is on every Thursday of the week.
So for instance you purchase this feature on Monday.
So you’ve got four days Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday for this feature to maneuver higher and cause you to some profits.

Let’s say it is the expiry date
and the market closes at twelve thousand 2 hundred .
No, we had the proper to shop for the choice at 12000, but we paid 100 rupees for it.
So our break, even during this case, is twelve thousand 100 .
So unless prices move above whatever
breakeven, we aren’t getting to make profit.
So basically about this is often often our profit and below this is our loss.
So when the market closes, act will
to 100, our call option are going to be worth 2 hundred .
Substract the initial buying price
from that and you get three rupees as you profit.

So that is how we’ll call option works.

Put option

And the put option works in just opposite manner.
Let’s say you purchased a put option of the 12000 strike price at 100
and fifty rupees and you expect the market to travel down now you purchased it on monday.
You have four days of expiry left.
Let’s say the market closes at eleven thousand eight hundred.
Now, supported our calculations for call
option, during this case, the choice are going to be worth 2 hundred again.
But if you reduce the acquisition .
That is 150 from what you’re left with is up 50 rupees profit.https://www.investopedia.com/options-basics-tutorial-4583012






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