Best Trading App in india

Best Trading App in India

We are back with a awesome post ” Best Trading App in India”

Upstox is best app for trading.

Best Trading App in India
Best Trading App

Best Trading App in India by in one among India’s fastest-growing brokers. There is no brokerage on long term investments.

Founder – Shrini Viswanath

Ravi Kumar

Started – 2009

 account opening is free now for upstox

Brokerage – there’s the brokerage charges is 20 rupees per trade, when you’re trading day trading.


            Required Documents

The account opening process is totally paperless and completely online.

The first step is to stay these documents ready.

1.First is your PAN card.

2.Second is your aadhaar card.

3.Third is your bank proof and a cancelled check are going to be helpful.Please understand the bank proof that you simply are getting to use must contain the MICR code and therefore the IFSC code of that bank.

If it’s not there, then that document won’t be considered as a bank proof.

4.Then you’ll need the income proof and therein you’ll use your salary slip,your latest tax returns, or last six months of statement .

5.Lastly, a scanned copy of your signature,which you’ll be required to upload while opening your account.



             How to open account


The procedure is straightforward , just that two different links will open.

1. It open the registration page for opening an account, Next step is to enter your details, enter your email and your mobile number and click on on Send just one occasion password.

2. One time password are going to be sent to your mobile copy the just one occasion password here and click on on check in .

3. Enter your pan details and enter your date of birth and click on on next.

4. Then you’ll need to enter some personal information which information like what is your gender, legal status , annual income?

What is your experience with trading?

Are you politically exposed person?

So if you’re somehow associated with politics, you’ll click.

Yes, otherwise you’ll click no.

And what’s your occupation? And lastly,

is your country of Tax Residency aside from India Well in our case it’s not.

So I click on no, I accept the above declaration and click on next.

5. Now you’ve got to line your trading preferences.

6. You are getting to decide that segment you would like to open your account.

So for instance you only select equity immediately and if you’ll ,

further down the road , want to trade derivatives or commodities, you’ll need to do the entire process again.

7. So I suggest do that process immediately and do not worry about it within the future. So select everything.

8. Then upstox will keep surprising you with some freebies here they’re saying if you want a free stock and if you would like you’ll just click Yes

9. Advance to subsequent is to enter your bank details. select the account type and click on next

10. Upload your specimen signature and your income proof. So allow us to do this . I even have already taken an image

of the specimen signature and that i will upload that for income proof.

I am uploading the last six months of statement .

If your PDF is password protected,

it will invite a password which will unlock the PDF.

So enter that password here.

11. The password are going to be provided to you by your bank.

Enter your full name and click on on next.

Next step is to upload your photo

and during this case you’ll be asked to require a selfie.

So do this then share your location then click on next.

12. Then enter your email address and click on Get OTP because you’ve got to verify your email address here.

13. Enter the just one occasion password that you simply receive in your email and click on next.

14. Now we’ve to sign our application if you would like to try to to this process completely online.

15. So allow us to see how we will do this .

Click on the E sign with aadhar OTP.

The next step is to E sign your form using your aadhar number.

16. So click here E sign now and enter your Aadhaar number here.

So i will be able to enter my aadhaar number

and click send OTP and OTP are going to be sent to your account enter the OTP here.

Click Verify OTP.

17. The E signing process will happen. you’ve got to twiddling my thumbs .

Wait for a moment . Application status.

It says that it always takes one to 2 days to verify and open.

18. Your account application is submitted and your account are going to be activated as soon as all the documents and every one the forms that you have submitted are going to be verified by upstox.

I have shared a link to download the app

That is how easy it had been to open an account with upstox completely online.







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