3 Golden Rules for Saving Money


3 Golden Rules for Saving Money


By understanding 3 golden rules of saving money

how you can start your savings journey and in turn start your investment journey



1. To go through a friendship test now you might

be wondering what is this friendship


let me give you a simple example it

might be possible that many of your


love to go to exotic outings or they

always love to go to big budget hotels

it might be possible that for you these

big budget hotels

might not suit your pocket every single

time and sometimes it

feels really awkward for you to tell

them that okay i can’t afford that

do you really need to feel awkward no it

is absolutely

okay to tell them that i might not be

able to come to this hotel today

because it is not in my plan right now

tell them clearly what your plan is

let’s say your plan is to save 10 000 by

the end of this year this is special

especially for teenagers or those who

are in their early 20s

let’s say your plan is to save 10 000

let’s say your plan is to

have your very first investment in stock

market and that’s the reason why you’re


tell them your goal if they are able to



let’s see after one year on first of

january 2022

you show them your demat account you show

them that

look i had sacrificed something to earn


they will really feel proud of you just

ask yourself

it’s always better to be rich rather



2.is to undergo a binge shopping test

now what is this i’ll tell you quickly i

know many of my female friends who

say that rajna today we went shopping we

were feeling very low you know but when

we had

two bags full of shopping material

that’s where we felt that yes now i’m in

a happy state of mind

when i actually hear them say all these

things i really try to wonder

okay understood that it is apparently

said that when you shop some happy

hormone is released and you feel better

agreed but then is there some other way

where you can actually cut down on these

expenses and still

feel better so to take a specific

reference of this i had read a book on


when it mentions that a human habit is


went through or undergoes three typical

points what are the three typical points

number one there is a trigger number two

there is a routine and number three

there is a reward


what is the trigger trigger is that you

are feeling low what needs to be changed

that routine needs to be changed right

now what is your routine

you go to shopping the moment you are

feeling low now let’s try to have

alternate options for that try to call

up your friends whom we have not talked

for like let’s say past one month

let the trigger be same let the reward

be same change the routine

that’s where you can save more and spend

less golden rule number three

is the cost per use test now you might

be wondering it’s very very important for you to

understand that before you go on



important bonus tip in the entire

3.how to save

let’s understand how and how much to


so let’s take a simple scenario for this

assume it’s your birthday party

and you have invited a few friends and

you go out to eat

domino’s pizza okay assume that you are

eight or ten friends and

easily the minimum bill that you’re

going to

shell out money for is going to be 2 500

rupees easily

so now what you have done you have

splurged 2500 it’s okay i’m not saying

that you should not save even

spend even one rupee at a hotel it’s

okay it’s okay to spend also

but then make it a point that whatever

you’re splurging whatever you’re


that amount at least minimum that much

of amount should go in your investments

okay so just to give you an equivalent

make it a point that you invest an

equivalent amount

of how much you are spending


some basic golden rules of saving help

them understand

how they can start their investment

journey by saving small by investing

small but dreaming https://www.moneyunder30.com/how-to-invest


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